First Up

Français : washboard Chaz Blues à Cognac Blues...

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Here is where as the saying goes “We Get Our Feet Wet”. I am going to try weekly to introduce you to some New and Older struggling Musicians. Some are having problems getting produced maybe due to no fault of their own, but just need to be shown which way their Passions should be turned to Grow. Others have Good stories to tell, while others have the usual headaches and forks in the Road that Stops or Kill the LOVE they have for this Art.

Some of you will say, are there not to many songwriters and so call Musicians out there now, well let’s look at it this way. Aren’t there to many pairs of shoes being made ( we still buy them), aren’t there to many books being published every year ( we still buy them in some form are another, if not the paper form the electronic, ask Nook & Kindle), etc. This could go on and on but what you must look at First Up, is that this like the shoe maker, Nook, and any other form of another persons work. This Is their CREATIVE PASSION their form of ART. And without it they feel they are not Complete.  

Nook and Kindle

Nook and Kindle (Photo credit: evilgenius)