Robin Duizings


That pretty much tell you how Robin Duizings feels about his MUSIC.  He is from the Netherlands, and a student. But he has Strong Beliefs on how to Produce GREAT MUSIC CHEAP.

Influences:  Everything I hear on the radio, etc.

My interests:  Film Producing, Audio Producing and Photoshop.

Music:  Pop & Rock

Label: unsigned

I am a Musician and Audio & Video Producer. I’ve been playing keyboard for about 10 years now. I started playing piano in December of 2010 and guitar June of 2011.

 My goal is to show people what’s possible with cheap gear. Keep in mind that I don’t have a professional (recording) studio. I just make my videos by getting the most out of my cheap equipment. I only use 1camera, my PC, a USB mic, my piano, guitar and I pod. I want to show everyone who cannot afford big equipment, that it is possible to go this far on Youtube!!  If you have the same opinion about this, I hope you will support me on this effort, so we can spread this message!!! Recordings, accompaniment and audio & video produced all you see & hear in all of my videos have been made by myself. THANK YOU so much, I appreciate all your SUPPORT!!!


Piano: Yamaha CVP-305

Guitar: Washburn WD10SCE

Microphone: Samson G-Track


Video – Sony Vegas Pro 10

Audio – Sonar X1

Twitter –

Visit his AWESOME Youtube Channel – xXRobinNLXx’s Channel

Photomontage - Composite of 16 different photo...


Binnenhof, Hofvijver and flag of the Netherlan...

Binnenhof, Hofvijver Netherland


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