Update #2~~Danielle Lowe~~

And like Robin, Danielle Lowe has been a very business young lady, and if you haven’t visited her channel you must do so. She has an AWESOME Talent of her own but she has a fave artist and that is Carrie Underwood. So we shall let you see how she did as she covered this song by her Fave Artist.

In her own words;

Anyone who knows me also know that Carrie Underwood is my fave artist and a huge inspiration to me. This new song (Good Girl) of hers is a killer and I couldn’t wait to cover it. Thanks to the talents of Michael Attinger (drum, bass, mixing and video production) and Rex Pearson (acoustic  and electric guitar). Who put together the most amazing production and of course to my own fantastic producer  Wes Inaba, who did the awesome final production. I am excited to share this with you! Hope you like IT!!!

Besides being first-rate musician;

Michael Attinger ~ is an incredible music producer and engineer.

Rex Pearson is an amazing guitar instructor and session player.

Please visit her site for more information on these two Great Guys and others this Awesome Performer  has so Openly Promoted on her site.

Carrie Underwood performing at the World Arena...

Carrie Underwood performing at the World Arena in Colorado Springs, Colorado (Photo credit: Wikipedia)