~~Update #3~~ Davey T Hamilton

Unlike most artist that start a Love for Music at a young age, Davey was in college (University of Kentucky).  A roommate leaving a guitar in their room, seems to be what got this Amazing Artist his start. His story is better told by him, which he did in some detail in a phone interview ( the phone interview is on the right of this sight under Only for a Moment), on his youtube channel and other websites he has that are listed on his channel. Each of these will give you some insight on how this extraordinary young man got his start.

He has been giving his CD’s away ( 2 to 3 a month), and will be until the end of the year. You will really need to visit his channel to see & hear  how  Great his music is, I have placed some of his music here on this blog site and the one “Highway Alabama” with his blog today. But one you really do not want to miss is his Porsche Cartoon “Dixie Road”, yes a cartoon but Amazingly well done.

This is how Davey feels about his Music;

“I have to make music to be happy. It has nothing to do with fame or fortune . I hope you will like my music and will come to see me perform. ”  DaveyTHamilton