Enalapril 3D animation Русский: Эналаприл 3D а...

Enalapril 3D animation Русский: Эналаприл 3D анимация (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have a site on my youtube channel and it’s for my subscribers that do not sing but do have visiable talent in other Forms of ART that I feel should be seen by the public as well.

So this month I will be letting you see some of them and Please visit their channels, I can not show their work like the singers, they have so many different forms on their channel to show and the 3DGuruWomen, I am featuring today have so many of their friends they feature on their site also, that are equally talented as they are.

They are showing a very Raw Form of ANIMATION, and even show you how  some of it is done. If you like new young minds at work and messages in the art work, this shows they TRULY care about their ART.

This FORM of ART is in OUR FUTURE!!

Their channel Speaks Volumes about them;

“3D-Animation+Funny Music ~~LOVE~~ ”



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