George Souls

George Souls is a person just by visiting his Youtube Channel will take you totally by surprise. He is an artist in his own right, the music you hear is played by him.

George has published a week short video on the youtube channel since 2010 (toadstool Hamburg).

There is a story behind this name to long for me to print but VERY INTERESTING. (on Google+)

He writes about interesting places in big cities. The places that are next to the tourist attractions and places of interest where the normal tourist don’t visit, or lack of time or they can not reach.

These videos are  about Berlin, Paris, New York, London, Rome and Prague. More are planned in the coming future to Paris, Madrid, Dresden, Leipzig, Vienna and Hamburg. George points himself out in The Paris Video (1974/2011).

Just a little background on him, you must visit his Google+ site to get the full understanding about how he does  his projects and more Amazing is the equipment he uses. He is a wizard with the camera he uses and the equipment to play the music for his videos, you will learn he’s got “Talent”.

He was a lead guitarist in a band beat. His old Fender amps (1965) and the Italian EKO guitar is what he uses to make the Awesome sounds you hear in the background on his video.

Do visit his youtube channel and Google+ site to learn more and “there is more.”

I do hope if you haven’t visited these countries or cities he has posted, but do plan to visit one of them  he reviewed,  you will be more informed about the other side of town. And believe me he is a LIVE PERSON.

I Thank him for his help, but I want to Thank him again and let “you all know” he help me a lot with the information and the links to the videos used, he was Amazingly Patient. HE DOES ANSWER HIS MESSAGES!  🙂

His sites are:

George Souls-Google+     (HAMBURG)


New York • London • Paris • Munich

New York • London • Paris • Munich (Photo credit: Wikipedia)