Nicole Desiree’s Music~~A Mother’s Love~~

If you have a child or children in college, understanding the Pressure of just trying to keep them in school and keeping Your Sanity when it’s your daughter ( or daughters). We have a Super Mom I would like to introduce you to today.

About Nicole Desiree’s Music;

Nicole is in college, so I (Gail) have not had her home to film. I plan to feature my favorite artist/musicians on the Youtube Channel until I can film Nicole again. I will be calling it the “Star Of The Week”.

Just a little background on this mom and her daughter, she chose to help out other young artist/musicians until her daughter returns because she knows without exposure, it will be hard for them without money to get out in the world and do what they Love to do “Preform”. 

Nicole got to preform many times in the past 2 years. She attended the (SCPA) School for Creative and Performing Arts. She has a vocal major at (SCPA), she was a member of the best group called the Chorale. She took dance classes in Hip Hop.

An extra on the MTV Show “Taking The Stage“, dance/singer in “The Wizard of Oz”, she was “Madleine Vauclain” for a classic called “Stage Door”. She preformed at Coney Island in Cincinnati.

Nicole has graduated and is now attending Northern Kentucky University in Music. This young lady has had a busy 2 years. Along with a Mom she can be Very Proud of at home.

I wanted to feature Gail this month, to show everyone what she had done but here is her answer;

I would truly appreciate your featuring my friends. They are wonderful young artist because my daughter Nicole is one of them. Trying to find her way. I hope to support them until Nicole is home from college for me to record. At that time I switch back and forth between Nicole and the favorite artist.  ( lunsfordmusic & Nicole Desiree’s Music Channel on Youtube)

This is her mother’s answer to me when I asked to feature her (Gail) this month, it was all about her young artist, so I am doing what she wishes. I do hope they know how much she TRULY CARE ABOUT THEM and THEIR PASSIONS.

Now with all that, Gail could not make up her mind who to feature so WE have THREE!!!  😉

Chris Yenney, Sean Sonego and Matt Roy. If you would like to know more about these young artist, PLEASE visit their Youtube Channel and give each of them a little of your time and like /leave a comment to let them know about how you feel about their music. Feedback is IMPORTANT.

PLEASE VISIT BOTH~~ lunsfordmusic & Nicole Desiree’s Music Channel’s on

Youtube Channel to learn more about Nicole and the other AWESOME Artist/Musicians featured there.

New school building for the Creative and Perfo...

New school building for the Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)