Closure To A Different Tune!!!

I would like to Thank Everyone that hung in there and commented, liked and followed me this month with a change in my blog format. It was a different twist to the music, but so many people have talents and I felt if I could only show a few that would make Their Day. So to Wrap Up the month, this is a recap of what everyone has done and a request by one young man Chris Yenney to feature the same song for him, it’s a subject close to his HEART.

This Group was not featured but I thought you might just enjoy them.

Human Slinky ~~The World Of Human Slinky~~VeniaminShows


George Souls~~ Tour Guides 

3DGuruWomen~~Animations in 3D

Nicole Desiree’s Music~~A Mother’s Love~~Featuring Young Awesome Talents

Matt Roy, Chris Yenney and Sean Sonego ~this week (Gail,Nicole’s mom) featured our talent from last month Danielle Lowe.

Let’s not forget to visit our 2GuysCantCook Channel on youtube and Cheer them on.

Let the Music Take You

Let the Music Take You (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Glass tesseract animation

Glass tesseract animation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)







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