Today is June 11, and if you recall today is when out friend Korpilanmaki is having one of his surgery’s to get his Life back in shape. We are all in your corner and only hoping Great Things are Happening for you Today!!!

He is allowing me to do a little follow up on his story as I told you before there was a lot more. Now that he is feeling a little better about the things that happen to him, here is a little more into his LIFE and why the Music on his Youtube Channel means so much to Him.

“My Channel is for Epic Youtube Talent, A Channel primarily for Supporting and Promoting Epic Youtube Talent”….

I am aware a lot of you would like to know more about him. He is from Columbus, Ohio not the UK ( my first blog, until my correction, had him from the UK).  And he was so Awesome a Gentleman about it and then I found out why he is such a Great Person.

He has done 2 tours and a half of duty in Iraq and did not get a scratch while gone. He return to the states had an awful car wreck, shortly after returning to the states. He told me he could now talk about the accident.  The lost of his Four Best Friends in the accident was Overwhelming. He just recently was able to come to grip with it. It happen in Florida and due to all the memories and everything else, once he had recovered he bailed out of Florida and ended up in Ohio. He was going back to Finland (he is half Finnish and half American) , but he felt that would have been to far from his family, who are still in Florida.

So that is why he states, he is falling apart at such a young age. The injure’s from the accident are just beginning to show up. He states he is looking forward to the surgery so the pain will go away, (which will be a couple of weeks at the earliest).

We will be ROOTING for YOU!!!  Hoping you will return to show us some more of the AWESOME TALENTS you have discovered.

Thanks again for your Service to Our Country and coming Home with a Positive Thought for our Youth.

Just for you Today I am Highlighting three more of the talent youth from your page;

Leroy’s Music, Matthew Jordan, and Ricardo Esteves Music.

They are all on “Korpilanmaki Channel”, Please visit his Youtube Channel for more information on them as well as the other talented Artist there. Their video’s are below take a listen.

“HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY”  his birthday was June 7, XOXOXO from all of Us.

The Falls of the Ohio River

The Falls of the Ohio River (Photo credit: www78)



Todo o Tempo do Mundo (Rui Veloso)~Ricardo Esteves ~video

Something Beautiful (Original)~Matthew Jordan~video

PAYPHONE~Maroon 5 (cover by Leroy)~video


5 thoughts on “~~Korpilanmaki~~Update

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  3. Thanks for his service and for keeping us safe. I wish him all the best, and hope he has a successful surgery. Please tell him to be optimistic, to keep positive, and to look forward to a better way of living once the surgery is done.
    Thanks for introducing us to this brave man.

    • Thank You for your comment I will past this comment on to him and as of today things are O.K. with him, but all the comments have been Positive, as you well know that’s Great. You have been very supportive yourself of both my blogs and I will be over to yours to let all your followers know this. I am quite sure they know this. ;-D
      I do hope the cooking lessons are going well and you are not alone, I seem to have to do a few more for others but you are at the VERY TOP of MY LIST. AGAIN THANK YOU for ALL YOUR WONDERFUL SUPPORT.

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