**The Haunting Sounds of~*~THE VIOLINS~*~

All instruments have their own voice and “The Violin” sings it’s own haunting songs of  Passion, powered by the HEART of the Person pulling and sawing at ~~IT’S STRINGS.

 So I invite you to enjoy the more Experience’s Violinists along side a Dreamer, that has some very powerful sounds of his own. 

ENJOY!!! 😉



5 thoughts on “**The Haunting Sounds of~*~THE VIOLINS~*~

  1. I just posted this and the one from the 4th onto my Facebook, the one from the 4th was already there, I just posted again and changed the heading to include their names and stuff, so they can see it on their facebooks

    • That’s GREAT, THANK YOU and you take care. You are more than welcome to make any changes you need on your end, anything I can do to help let me know. 😉

  2. Awesome blog again, I am sending Daniel Jang the links to this and the other one you did of him. I cannot thank you enough, I do everything I can possible do to support these people that rock my existance. Daniel Jang, a.k.a metalsides is certainly one of the major ones. You are AEWSOMENESS!!

    • Thank You for the comment and this is what I try to tell the artist I feature, comment, like & send their friends. This is free advertisement for them and I will try all I can do to support them. Thank You so much for begin there. So HAPPY YOU LIKED IT!!!

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