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“How do I Get My House in Order”, I am only 24 years old, WHAT HOUSE!!!  May 21,2012, I received a message stating, I subbed you, will you please check out my page. I did and that’s when THAT ALIEN, or as he calls himself “Humanoid Korpl”, entered my life. It has been a short few months, but full of Awesome Events one after another for him, as well as the people he let into his life. On May 24, I received another message in big shouting letters stating, “YOU MADE MY DAY”!!!
How could my subbing him and stating I Loved his channel make any bodies day? Well, he made“MY LIFE”! ” Knowing him has been a delight, and I am certain the others that know him feel the same. He makes certain if he subs you, you get all the support he can find. He truly loves his team, he supports them in every way possible. But since he completed 2 and half tours of Duty in Iraq, team work comes Second Nature to him.  The Main Theme on his channel states “A Channel primarily for supporting and promoting EPIC Youtube Talent.” His story has been told by me before twice on my blog site but this time with a twist and all of us (his stubborn friends & I,will not let go). He is in the crises of his life and fighting for his life. This time he was told the surgery he is to have on the 30th of OCTOBER is a 50/50 chance of his MAKING IT . His doctors told him to get his House In Order & Family Near! “I am just simply falling apart”,that’s what he said to me. With all the pain going on in his body & life, he took the time to take someone else under his wing. She was F11BAR84 on Youtube,(known to us as Sarah). She was told she had a 2% chance of survival, and as anyone with cancer knows, those are Not Good Odds!  She told me how he supported her and stayed there for her and her family with An Unbelievable Strength. But that’s how he is, ALL for The Other Guy Who’s In Trouble!  That’s why we are here for him NOW! Trying to give him that support he so “openly gives to others”. Short version of his story, an accident with a DRUNK DRIVER on a Florida Road took the LIVES of 4 of his childhood friends, he stated in the “blink of an eye”,a DRUNK DRIVER on a FLORIDA Road. And left him in this body, which TODAY HE is FIGHTING for HIS VERY LIFE! He said “When I think back 2 years ago, I was in Iraq doing what I did there, (2 and a half tours of duty and not one scratch) then to come home and have my world RIPPED APART. With all the other surgery’s (including neurosurgery), physical therapy and meds to help with the PAIN. Now he only ask that I go down his list of friends and place them where others can see their TALENTS.  HE said “I have Achieved One of My GOALS in LIFE, If I can Make A Person SMILE and Feel Good About THEMSELVES”. THIS FOR HIM I WILL DO. WE ALL LOVE AND ARE HERE FOR YOU, ALWAYS!!!  MY ALIEN FRIEND  😉 




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    • You are More Than Welcome My Friend, you have Supported So MANY, it is TIME WE HONOR YOU!!! YOU are in OUR HEART AND PRAYERS. THANK YOU SO MUCH~~BIG HUGGS 😉

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