**** “GROUP OF THE YEAR” ****

As most of you know from visiting my blog site a few weeks ago. I featured Big City Indians as a group up for a few different nominations by NAMA (Native American Music Awards). Well they did win as “GROUP OF THE YEAR”.  AWESOME!!!!  The Album was “Tuma”.

They are truly AN EPIC GROUP, but they do not need my voice to talk about them, their music speaks for itself. I hi-lighted just a small note on the events that night below. Many of you visited my blog and voted. I along with Big City Indians would like to THANK YOU for your support and do visit their youtube channel & website to listen to and enjoy their music.You will be able to purchase their music as well. But do visit these sites, I feel you will enjoy their sound and different take on music over the years. Again, Thanks to all of YOU and PLEASE ENJOY & VISIT the LINKS BELOW:   


Native American Music Awards (NAMA) ~ All the Winners



Some information about (NAMA)



Nelly Furtado‘s ~Live Preformance,~ she also received the “Living Legend Award”



Big City Indians~youtube channel link



Big City Indians~Official Band Site



PLEASE READ THEIR BAND BIO, you will understand why I feel they are An Epic Group!!!

Come & Feel the Native Spirit!
Big City Indians started in 1997 with an exceptional intention: They perfected a unique musical hybrid that merged contemporary rock music, roots, pop and folk with an earthy, Native American flavor. These endeavors resulted in a rock band producing soulful songs and focusing on World Music




~~”Wolf Moon Rising”~~ An Awesome Teaser


Just listen to one of the most Awesome & Amazing Albums for mediation or anytime you  want to relax or work in a very calm & composed atmosphere. Also, there are some very timely Christmas music added, you would not even be aware that they there, if you didn’t know the songs. The very soothing sounds of Mayra echoing in the background is tranquil and so relaxing to the mind and soul. I will say the teaser is just that, it will make you want to listen to more. What I Truly Love about this album is the mixing of so many instruments with the flute, they just seem to HARMONIZE together so well. This is the promo for the album below;

Teaser with scenes from the new album “Wolf Moon Rising” by Wolfsheart.
“Wolf Moon Rising” NEW ALBUM OUT NOW
A new holiday-inspired album invokes the atmosphere of white snow, the lighting of fires and of dreamy melodies which are a musical tribute to the spirit of winter.
This album of hauntingly beautiful songs with the Native American Flute will bring a sense of peace, calm and harmony for quiet, cozy winter evenings.
Available at http://wolfsheart.eu
iTunes, Amazon and many other download sites.




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****The Guitars are Strumming like Daggers****


The Guitars are Strumming like Daggers into our HEARTS to get the upper hand on the instruments, As the Instrument of Choice. For they have ONE GOAL in MIND that is to WIN!!!  And WIN they shall, but on what Terms?
Most of Us Love Guitar Music. It has an EFFECT on us other musical instruments can’t, by VIRTUE of the Fact at sometime or another if we were interested in music at all, it was something we connected to. Strummed a few notes and either moved on to vocal or other instruments, but played around with for awhile. Strumming Patterns, I was told is “one aspect” of learning to play the guitar, usually taught to novice. All I am aware of is, if you want a Love Song, A Sad Song or Music to get you up on your feet, “this is one way to go”.
The Motion of this Instrument was used by so many Awesome Artist, I don’t know where to began. So to give this Instrument It’s Place in Haunting, Howling, and Mind Blowing Hall of Fame, I give you the STABBING and RIPPING SOUNDS of the GUITAR….


The Monster of the Instruments ~~ THE PIANO~~


The Haunting Sounds of the Violin, has nothing on what those Ivory Keys of a Piano can do. For not only does it take over the Soul of the Listener, but captivates them with it’s Melody and Bold Sounds. The Performer must take control and while touching those Keys, send it’s Message of Music out to US.
An in the skillful fingers of these Masters, and the Ones willing to dedicate their Lives to this Monster of MUSIC, not being able to hold and control this instrument in your arms means “you must take control” with your fingers and feet, and speak to it, ALONE!!!
I give you Alicia Keys, Yanni, InnocentMalin, Anthony “A-Major” Russell & The Piano Guys. Plus a Bonus A Piano & Violin Duo ~ Matthew Jordon & Eliza James

Piano & Violin ~ A Merger of SOUNDS……