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This is a REBLOG for My Friend Joao, Please view the video and Enjoy!!!

Our First New Talent to this post will be Joao,he’s from Paris, France, and this is his story he would like to share with you.

My name is Jean-Francois Mendes, (he prefers to be called Joao) my home town is Paris, France. I still live in Paris and have since birth. I sung in a choir from the age of 8 until I was 18. I performed on the *”Jacque Martin Show,as well as 6 other French T.V. programs. Also performed in the U.S. once, was very young at that time, do not remember the channel. Also, on a radio station in Canada. At that time I was a soloist (Alto), with the **Paris Boys Choir**.

I started my own production company, Joao Funkj Production it is mostly

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**** “GROUP OF THE YEAR” ****

As most of you know from visiting my blog site a few weeks ago. I featured Big City Indians as a group up for a few different nominations by NAMA (Native American Music Awards). Well they did win as “GROUP OF THE YEAR”.  AWESOME!!!!  The Album was “Tuma”.

They are truly AN EPIC GROUP, but they do not need my voice to talk about them, their music speaks for itself. I hi-lighted just a small note on the events that night below. Many of you visited my blog and voted. I along with Big City Indians would like to THANK YOU for your support and do visit their youtube channel & website to listen to and enjoy their music.You will be able to purchase their music as well. But do visit these sites, I feel you will enjoy their sound and different take on music over the years. Again, Thanks to all of YOU and PLEASE ENJOY & VISIT the LINKS BELOW:   


Native American Music Awards (NAMA) ~ All the Winners


Some information about (NAMA)


Nelly Furtado‘s ~Live Preformance,~ she also received the “Living Legend Award”


Big City Indians~youtube channel link


Big City Indians~Official Band Site


PLEASE READ THEIR BAND BIO, you will understand why I feel they are An Epic Group!!!

Come & Feel the Native Spirit!
Big City Indians started in 1997 with an exceptional intention: They perfected a unique musical hybrid that merged contemporary rock music, roots, pop and folk with an earthy, Native American flavor. These endeavors resulted in a rock band producing soulful songs and focusing on World Music





Big City Indians is just one of the Groups I had featured a few times on my blog sites. They are an Amazingly Talented Group and their music was not nominated for one category but 3.   AWESOME!!!

Music video by Big City Indians performing Horses Thunder from the new album “TUWA”.(C) 2012 BCI.
This Video has been nominated at this year’s Native American Music Awards under “BEST MUSIC VIDEO”,
also nominated under the category of GROUP OF THE YEAR and BEST WORLD MUSIC RECORDING..
Online voting has started at
Please register and vote! Thanks for everyone’s support…The winners will be announced on May 10, 2013 at the Senaca Casino in Niagra Falls, NY



*** Rain Raphael~~~ Energy In Motion ***


The Drama on stage was from years of knowing that her dreams, passions and hard work would one day bring her here.
Live on stage with the energy of a Broadway Play, Rain Raphael and her Awesome Dance Team brought everyone to their feet. Shouting her name as the Blue lights turned up to bright lights, showing an energetic group. Their moves were so well choreographed you just knew you were on Broadway, but we were in The Bijou Theater in Bridgeport, CT.

Starting as I did was to let you know how unknown talent can work so hard to move up the ladder of success. Unless someone with a large money backing get to know them, or a producer of well known status see or hear them their talent goes totally unnoticed. Then sometimes when they do find them, they stifle their talent. They are not who they were trying to be before the money and people not knowing what’s in their Hearts are about. I totally understand you have no time to baby-sit their talent. But for them to stay down because they didn’t fall into that category of century old rules. Should not allow talent like Rain and all the other talents that I have featured to go unnoticed.
She is well known, unlike others I have featured. But she had to pay her dues as well. I can not go into any length of her life on a blog. She does and she does it well on her website which you should visit and learn about this Amazingly talented young lady.
Talking about her does not give you the energy that she gives when she sings. Ballads as well as upbeat rap. She even gave us a sneak peek of An Awesome Video, and songs from her newly released album “LadyBug “. She has Talent that should not be Harness!!!

Please visit her website and social media sites and she will fill in the blanks and then some. The link below shows her, Acclaim,Bio, Calender,Audio,Photos,Tech,Video and contact information, all on one site.





** “Wolf Moon Risings/Wings Of Love And Peace” **


A few weeks ago, we were given a Teaser on this New Album. Well, a single was just released and I think you will enjoy. Had so many of you sending the teaser to your facebook page and now with the new video single, I hope you will enjoy it as I did the album. MayRa has an Amazingly Beautiful Voice that will Captivate You. 

An Attachment to this album was;

“It is no longer good enough to cry peace, we must act peace, live peace, and live in peace.” ~ Shenandoah proverb

check out more from the website: