*** Rain Raphael~~~ Energy In Motion ***


The Drama on stage was from years of knowing that her dreams, passions and hard work would one day bring her here.
Live on stage with the energy of a Broadway Play, Rain Raphael and her Awesome Dance Team brought everyone to their feet. Shouting her name as the Blue lights turned up to bright lights, showing an energetic group. Their moves were so well choreographed you just knew you were on Broadway, but we were in The Bijou Theater in Bridgeport, CT.

Starting as I did was to let you know how unknown talent can work so hard to move up the ladder of success. Unless someone with a large money backing get to know them, or a producer of well known status see or hear them their talent goes totally unnoticed. Then sometimes when they do find them, they stifle their talent. They are not who they were trying to be before the money and people not knowing what’s in their Hearts are about. I totally understand you have no time to baby-sit their talent. But for them to stay down because they didn’t fall into that category of century old rules. Should not allow talent like Rain and all the other talents that I have featured to go unnoticed.
She is well known, unlike others I have featured. But she had to pay her dues as well. I can not go into any length of her life on a blog. She does and she does it well on her website which you should visit and learn about this Amazingly talented young lady.
Talking about her does not give you the energy that she gives when she sings. Ballads as well as upbeat rap. She even gave us a sneak peek of An Awesome Video, and songs from her newly released album “LadyBug “. She has Talent that should not be Harness!!!

Please visit her website and social media sites and she will fill in the blanks and then some. The link below shows her, Acclaim,Bio, Calender,Audio,Photos,Tech,Video and contact information, all on one site.







Closure To A Different Tune!!!

I would like to Thank Everyone that hung in there and commented, liked and followed me this month with a change in my blog format. It was a different twist to the music, but so many people have talents and I felt if I could only show a few that would make Their Day. So to Wrap Up the month, this is a recap of what everyone has done and a request by one young man Chris Yenney to feature the same song for him, it’s a subject close to his HEART.

This Group was not featured but I thought you might just enjoy them.

Human Slinky ~~The World Of Human Slinky~~VeniaminShows


George Souls~~ Tour Guides 

3DGuruWomen~~Animations in 3D

Nicole Desiree’s Music~~A Mother’s Love~~Featuring Young Awesome Talents

Matt Roy, Chris Yenney and Sean Sonego ~this week (Gail,Nicole’s mom) featured our talent from last month Danielle Lowe.

Let’s not forget to visit our 2GuysCantCook Channel on youtube and Cheer them on.

Let the Music Take You

Let the Music Take You (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Glass tesseract animation

Glass tesseract animation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)







Enalapril 3D animation Русский: Эналаприл 3D а...

Enalapril 3D animation Русский: Эналаприл 3D анимация (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have a site on my youtube channel and it’s for my subscribers that do not sing but do have visiable talent in other Forms of ART that I feel should be seen by the public as well.

So this month I will be letting you see some of them and Please visit their channels, I can not show their work like the singers, they have so many different forms on their channel to show and the 3DGuruWomen, I am featuring today have so many of their friends they feature on their site also, that are equally talented as they are.

They are showing a very Raw Form of ANIMATION, and even show you how  some of it is done. If you like new young minds at work and messages in the art work, this shows they TRULY care about their ART.

This FORM of ART is in OUR FUTURE!!

Their channel Speaks Volumes about them;

“3D-Animation+Funny Music ~~LOVE~~ ”


Joao Funkyj


This is a REBLOG for My Friend Joao, Please view the video and Enjoy!!!

Our First New Talent to this post will be Joao, he’s from Paris, France, and this is his story he would like to share with you.

My name is Jean-Francois Mendes, (he prefers to be called Joao) my home town is Paris, France. I still live in Paris and have since birth. I sung in a choir from the age of 8 until I was 18. I performed on the *”Jacque Martin Show, as well as 6 other French T.V. programs. Also performed in the U.S. once, was very young at that time, do not remember the channel. Also, on a radio station in Canada. At that time I was a soloist (Alto), with the **Paris Boys Choir**.

I started my own production company, Joao Funkj Production it is mostly Rhythm and Blues with soulful sounds, but I Love all types of Music.

It’s very hard today to do any type of music. The internet has been very interesting. In that it can be good for you are bad. For me so far Good.” I Really want to Thank Each and Everyone, that has helped Me along the WAY. I could never THANK ALL OF YOU ENOUGH”.

Production Companies do not pay much money for all the work that is involved. I try to do the best I can but here in Paris it is So Very Hard. I do the BEST I can because I have this PASSION FOR MY MUSIC.

A lot of people Love my Music, like on YouTube, Dailymotion, Google+, Twitter and Myspace, so far about 20,000. Funk France Radio Station plays my music now. I am Very Grateful for to them. I plan to start a small Internet Radio Show soon.

Thank You for your time and interest. PLEASE HELP ME to Promote & find a Producer for my Songs. ANY help is Appreciated.  GFUNKJ, “Kisses To ALL.”

*Jacques Martin T.V. Show-He was a well know French T.V. host and producer from (June 22, 1933 to Sept. 14, 2007). “He was particularly apt at interacting with small children, the reason for his success with the t.v. shows like, “Le Petit Rapporteur and “LEcole des Fans”.

**The Little Singers of Paris (Les Petits Chanteurs de Paris) – One of the Worlds most respected choirs. They have been performing French Chanson and foreign songs since 1907. They have visited 80 countries including the U.S. and a visit to China in 1986. Their sensuous singing takes it’s audience by storm around the World.

Links to his sites below;

https://www.youtube.com/user/GFUNKYJ/featured  ~~ YouTube

https://plus.google.com/u/0/102768031766952145468/posts ~~ Google+

https://twitter.com/coeurfunky ~~ Twitter

dailymotion.com/SERENA-LUNA ~~ Dailymotion


Deutsch: Paris: Eiffelturm und Marsfeld

Deutsch: Paris: Eiffelturm und Marsfeld (Photo credit: Wikipedia)