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Was So Hoping by now I would have Great News about Our Friend Korpilanmaki. He is still in the hospital, but as he puts it not in the “Greatest Shape”. He has had two surgery’s in the past few weeks very close together each a touch and go moment. His family has flown in to be with him, and I just want to say to them “YOU ARE AN AWESOME GROUP”. We are his Support Group but Family means the WORLD to HIM at this time. THANK YOU!!!  🙂
Spoke to him a few times in the past few weeks and he needs some Cheering Up. So without Delay, here are some of the things his Super Support Group from Youtube, Soundcloud, Facebook and A Special Person from Twitter not even knowing him went out of her way, with her own busy schedule. Took the time to do this for him. And others just wanted to give support.
Each One Sending Their Own Personal Message to Him


A Caring Person that always checks in with me on his progress.

Sweta christian

Sweta christian


Licensed PT working in NY, pursuing DPT graduate date Jan 2013.

United States · ArdentPT.com

These pictures were from a total stranger that took the time to CARE. She is AN AWESOME PERSON, had people sign a card, then sent these items to him at his home. Now that was A Random Act of Kindness.

National Anthem Girl

National Anthem Girl


I’m traveling the USA and singing the National Anthem in every state to promote patriotism and honor our Nation’s heroes. instagram: janinestange

Los Angeles, CA · http://nationalanthemgir.org

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~^~^ More On The HUMANOID VISIT ~^~^


Trying to give our Humanoid/Alien something to listen to while he is laying flat on his back in the hospital. Waiting for the snow he can’t play in. That was a tease, LOL Korpilanmaki, says he LOVES to be out in the snow and the storm is expected to bring snow in this week to Columbus, Ohio. Well, the jokes on me, because if it snows I will have to go play in the snow and send proof to him. What have I gotten myself into. Are maybe that’s what Alien’s do, control your mind and you do things you NORMALLY would not DO. Got to Think about THIS!!!  
But for him, that’s the LEAST I could do, for someone who went to war for our country and served 2 and a half tours of DUTY, only the” Best Will DO”.
So without further conversation on this matter. The first Promise to him was to showcase some of his Favorites so he can be entertain. The Snow # you will just have to wait on, Dude!!! LOL  😉
YOU MUST VISIT HIS CHANNEL https://www.youtube.com/user/korpilanmaki/featured

This is just the top of the Ice Burg of the Talent he has supported and promoted. And PLEASE READ the COMMENT SECTION of THOSE WHO CARE so much about HIM and WHY THEY CARE.




~~AMAZING~~video by Matt Cardle

~~CANNONBALL~~(cover)-Micky J. White~video

~~Tanging Yaman~~by Goldwynpeter~video

This young man has a A Lot On His Plate To Deal With, but instead of going down a Long and Lonely Road, he has Learned at a very young age “That Life Deals you a Hand and it’s up to you how you Handle  it.”

Korpilanmaki is almost 24 years of age, from Columbus, Ohio and this is how he feels about his life at this moment in time.  He has a channel on youtube and this is how he has posted why he does his channel.  “A Channel Primarily for Supporting and Promoting Epic Youtube Talent…..”

I am almost 24 years old and I am falling apart, I have 3 surgeries coming up, one on June 11, 2012. That would be a shoulder surgery, he says he’s “kind of looking forward to it”, may as well it will be happening.  I have a handful of very best personal favorites friends on youtube and I have gotten to know them very well. I will have time while I am in the hospital and youtube and facebook will be keeping me company.

When I asked him to pick some of his favorite channels for me to use videos’s ( since he didn’t sing), he told me he couldn’t but one young man on his channel as he said ” One of them would be Goldwynpeter’s Channel, he has a voice that can stop traffic. His voice gives goosebumps goosebumps and he has gotten a lot of WOW reviews on my facebook page.”

He is also friends with F11BAR84’s ( I did a blog on her last week), he said they generally give each other Great Support and with the health issues they both face, this kind of find something other then self attitude, helps you get through these times.

So Please look him up on youtube & facebook and see what this young man is all about.

These are three of his friends and I think you will agree they are Awesome.

Matt Cardle~~Amazing,   Micky J. White~~(cover) Cannonball-little mix/Damien Rice,  Goldwynpeter~~Tanging Yaman

Please visit their channels as well, they all have A Lot of Great Talent as you will see.

Korpilanmaki”s Channel on youtube.


Montage of Columbus, Ohio images. From top to ...

Montage of Columbus, Ohio images. From top to bottom left to right: Columbus skyline Ohio Statehouse Ohio State University Short North Nationwide Arena Replica of Santa Maria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)