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Trying to give our Humanoid/Alien something to listen to while he is laying flat on his back in the hospital. Waiting for the snow he can’t play in. That was a tease, LOL Korpilanmaki, says he LOVES to be out in the snow and the storm is expected to bring snow in this week to Columbus, Ohio. Well, the jokes on me, because if it snows I will have to go play in the snow and send proof to him. What have I gotten myself into. Are maybe that’s what Alien’s do, control your mind and you do things you NORMALLY would not DO. Got to Think about THIS!!!  
But for him, that’s the LEAST I could do, for someone who went to war for our country and served 2 and a half tours of DUTY, only the” Best Will DO”.
So without further conversation on this matter. The first Promise to him was to showcase some of his Favorites so he can be entertain. The Snow # you will just have to wait on, Dude!!! LOL  😉
YOU MUST VISIT HIS CHANNEL https://www.youtube.com/user/korpilanmaki/featured

This is just the top of the Ice Burg of the Talent he has supported and promoted. And PLEASE READ the COMMENT SECTION of THOSE WHO CARE so much about HIM and WHY THEY CARE.





Savage Garden Affirmation ~~VIDEO~~

How THE LOVE OF MUSIC came to be the most fulling Moment in this Young Persons LIFE!

From the United Kingdom, I would like to introduce you to a young lady(F11BAR84), that feels music was the one reason for survival from the one enemy that brings Total Fear to everyone’s life. “Cancer”

Can you even image being in your twenty’s and told you have Cancer, well this young lady was told this and not only that she had it but if she had been two weeks later discovering it she would be Dead within about three monthsJust two weeks LATER!!!

A simple trip to the grocery store, and the pain came on suddenly. Taken to the hospital only to be told they usually send people home with painkillers, but her mother was a nurse consultant which may have saved her life.  She said she had been feeling Great before then and no evident of  any problems before then.

The next day she was told after a scan a malignant tumor the size of a rugby ball was found. They wanted to operate right then. Yes there is more, much more.

A friend of her’s heard her sing around the house and told her to record herself just to keep her mind off her treatments. So she recorded “Runaway”. Another friend heard her and asked her to record “Angel”, the friend had lost their mother to cancer. She didn’t care if anyone heard any of her songs, she was doing this for the people that had be there for her and supported her. She just wanted to sing. Then she sung “Savage Garden Affirmation”, as A Thank You to her family and friends.

Her Real Feelings are going to her Friends at Youtube. She feels a lot of them are going to make it BIG some day, the people that have commented on her music, and A Big Overwhelming Thanks to her husband who had to listen to her music, even if he didn’t like some of them.  Also for being there for her through all the Ups and Downs of these EVENT in her LIFE.

The treatments are on going but THE LOVE OF MUSIC is what keeps her GROUNDED.

Please visit her Youtube Channel for more of her Awesome Music. ~~F11BAR84’s Channel.


United Kingdom

United Kingdom (Photo credit: stumayhew)