Davy T. Hamilton

I have a very Unique and Memorable young man to introduce you to this time. And you will understand why I say Memorable when you finish reading his story.

Hi my name is Davy T. Hamilton, I do music to be HAPPY. It had nothing to do with fame or fortune. My sound is a Rockin’ Country style with a Sprinkle of Bluegrass. My songs are about Life, Love,and Family. I sing, play guitar, drums,bass, piano,and a few other instruments. I write my songs, produce my music and play the instruments on my recordings.

There is nothing more Satisfying to me than writing a song, and hearing it come to life, in the recording studio. I give a lot of my music away FREE because I want to share it with People. I hope you like it and will come to see me perform.

My down time from music, I enjoy working out, water sports on the lake,and spending time with my famiy and friends.

No matter what I am doing I look at my life as a Journey. I am trying to focus more on, THE JOURNEY, and not so much my destination. So nothing, will stop me from enjoying this RIDE and I’m going to have the time of my Life. I will take chances be a BETTER Son, a Better Lover, a Better Friend and the List goes on.  I CHALLENGE YOU to LIVE this way and Remember it’s about Your Journey not Your Destination. Live Life to the FULLEST and ENJOY, Your Ride. “It’s not where Your Goin’ it’s How You Go!”

He is AWESOME in his Own right, his thoughts on his Music is his PASSION for his Art. His music is in his words “Indie Country Rocker and God Fearing Rockstar.”

When you visit his website he has them separate but together as One, you must visit his site and you can learn more about him as well from a recent radio interview.

http://www.davyt.com radio interview on his twitter site as well as mine.



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