~~”Wolf Moon Rising”~~ An Awesome Teaser


Just listen to one of the most Awesome & Amazing Albums for mediation or anytime you  want to relax or work in a very calm & composed atmosphere. Also, there are some very timely Christmas music added, you would not even be aware that they there, if you didn’t know the songs. The very soothing sounds of Mayra echoing in the background is tranquil and so relaxing to the mind and soul. I will say the teaser is just that, it will make you want to listen to more. What I Truly Love about this album is the mixing of so many instruments with the flute, they just seem to HARMONIZE together so well. This is the promo for the album below;

Teaser with scenes from the new album “Wolf Moon Rising” by Wolfsheart.
“Wolf Moon Rising” NEW ALBUM OUT NOW
A new holiday-inspired album invokes the atmosphere of white snow, the lighting of fires and of dreamy melodies which are a musical tribute to the spirit of winter.
This album of hauntingly beautiful songs with the Native American Flute will bring a sense of peace, calm and harmony for quiet, cozy winter evenings.
Available at http://wolfsheart.eu
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