When these three friends got together, their Music turned into MAGIC. The collaboration of their musical talents, lead them to this AWESOME VIDEO. And a new Awareness of how just a THOUGHT, can change Things in, The World Of Music. That Art and Passion comes from Within the Human Soul.

And with the Magic of the Internet this was possible.

This is how Matthew Jordan stated the video came about;

“Just finished another brand-new collab video – and this one was especially fun to put together!

Two of my very best YouTube buddies, Chris Commisso (http://www.youtube.com/thepianoshack) and Matt Bednarsky (http://www.youtube.com/MattCB273) approached me with the idea of collaborating on a video. These guys are two of my favorite musicians on YouTube, so of COURSE I jumped at the chance to work with them!

Together, the three of us covered an absolute CLASSIC – “The Longest Time” by Billy Joel. And I even got a little dressed up for this one. Let me know what you think of the fedora… could be a new look for me! Haha 😉

This was another production made possible by the magic of the internet. I’m in California, Chris is in Arizona and Matt B. is in Nashville. Yet here we all are, on the same screen… and we never even set foot in the same room while recording. Isn’t technology awesome? LOL.”

https://www.youtube.com/user/matthewjordanmusic ~~ Matthew Jordan’s~YouTube

https://www.youtube.com/user/MattCB273 ~~ Matt Bednarsky’s~YouTube

https://www.youtube.com/user/ThePianoShack ~~ Chris Commisso’s~YouTube





Musica comprimida  -  Compressed Music

Musica comprimida – Compressed Music (Photo credit: Ferrari + caballos + fuerza = cerebro Humano )


~~”Wolf Moon Rising”~~ An Awesome Teaser


Just listen to one of the most Awesome & Amazing Albums for mediation or anytime you  want to relax or work in a very calm & composed atmosphere. Also, there are some very timely Christmas music added, you would not even be aware that they there, if you didn’t know the songs. The very soothing sounds of Mayra echoing in the background is tranquil and so relaxing to the mind and soul. I will say the teaser is just that, it will make you want to listen to more. What I Truly Love about this album is the mixing of so many instruments with the flute, they just seem to HARMONIZE together so well. This is the promo for the album below;

Teaser with scenes from the new album “Wolf Moon Rising” by Wolfsheart.
“Wolf Moon Rising” NEW ALBUM OUT NOW
A new holiday-inspired album invokes the atmosphere of white snow, the lighting of fires and of dreamy melodies which are a musical tribute to the spirit of winter.
This album of hauntingly beautiful songs with the Native American Flute will bring a sense of peace, calm and harmony for quiet, cozy winter evenings.
Available at http://wolfsheart.eu
iTunes, Amazon and many other download sites.




Standard YouTube License


~^~^Humanoid Korpl~^~^


“How do I Get My House in Order”, I am only 24 years old, WHAT HOUSE!!!  May 21,2012, I received a message stating, I subbed you, will you please check out my page. I did and that’s when THAT ALIEN, or as he calls himself “Humanoid Korpl”, entered my life. It has been a short few months, but full of Awesome Events one after another for him, as well as the people he let into his life. On May 24, I received another message in big shouting letters stating, “YOU MADE MY DAY”!!!
How could my subbing him and stating I Loved his channel make any bodies day? Well, he made“MY LIFE”! ” Knowing him has been a delight, and I am certain the others that know him feel the same. He makes certain if he subs you, you get all the support he can find. He truly loves his team, he supports them in every way possible. But since he completed 2 and half tours of Duty in Iraq, team work comes Second Nature to him.  The Main Theme on his channel states “A Channel primarily for supporting and promoting EPIC Youtube Talent.” His story has been told by me before twice on my blog site but this time with a twist and all of us (his stubborn friends & I,will not let go). He is in the crises of his life and fighting for his life. This time he was told the surgery he is to have on the 30th of OCTOBER is a 50/50 chance of his MAKING IT . His doctors told him to get his House In Order & Family Near! “I am just simply falling apart”,that’s what he said to me. With all the pain going on in his body & life, he took the time to take someone else under his wing. She was F11BAR84 on Youtube,(known to us as Sarah). She was told she had a 2% chance of survival, and as anyone with cancer knows, those are Not Good Odds!  She told me how he supported her and stayed there for her and her family with An Unbelievable Strength. But that’s how he is, ALL for The Other Guy Who’s In Trouble!  That’s why we are here for him NOW! Trying to give him that support he so “openly gives to others”. Short version of his story, an accident with a DRUNK DRIVER on a Florida Road took the LIVES of 4 of his childhood friends, he stated in the “blink of an eye”,a DRUNK DRIVER on a FLORIDA Road. And left him in this body, which TODAY HE is FIGHTING for HIS VERY LIFE! He said “When I think back 2 years ago, I was in Iraq doing what I did there, (2 and a half tours of duty and not one scratch) then to come home and have my world RIPPED APART. With all the other surgery’s (including neurosurgery), physical therapy and meds to help with the PAIN. Now he only ask that I go down his list of friends and place them where others can see their TALENTS.  HE said “I have Achieved One of My GOALS in LIFE, If I can Make A Person SMILE and Feel Good About THEMSELVES”. THIS FOR HIM I WILL DO. WE ALL LOVE AND ARE HERE FOR YOU, ALWAYS!!!  MY ALIEN FRIEND  😉 



****The Guitars are Strumming like Daggers****


The Guitars are Strumming like Daggers into our HEARTS to get the upper hand on the instruments, As the Instrument of Choice. For they have ONE GOAL in MIND that is to WIN!!!  And WIN they shall, but on what Terms?
Most of Us Love Guitar Music. It has an EFFECT on us other musical instruments can’t, by VIRTUE of the Fact at sometime or another if we were interested in music at all, it was something we connected to. Strummed a few notes and either moved on to vocal or other instruments, but played around with for awhile. Strumming Patterns, I was told is “one aspect” of learning to play the guitar, usually taught to novice. All I am aware of is, if you want a Love Song, A Sad Song or Music to get you up on your feet, “this is one way to go”.
The Motion of this Instrument was used by so many Awesome Artist, I don’t know where to began. So to give this Instrument It’s Place in Haunting, Howling, and Mind Blowing Hall of Fame, I give you the STABBING and RIPPING SOUNDS of the GUITAR….


The Monster of the Instruments ~~ THE PIANO~~


The Haunting Sounds of the Violin, has nothing on what those Ivory Keys of a Piano can do. For not only does it take over the Soul of the Listener, but captivates them with it’s Melody and Bold Sounds. The Performer must take control and while touching those Keys, send it’s Message of Music out to US.
An in the skillful fingers of these Masters, and the Ones willing to dedicate their Lives to this Monster of MUSIC, not being able to hold and control this instrument in your arms means “you must take control” with your fingers and feet, and speak to it, ALONE!!!
I give you Alicia Keys, Yanni, InnocentMalin, Anthony “A-Major” Russell & The Piano Guys. Plus a Bonus A Piano & Violin Duo ~ Matthew Jordon & Eliza James

Piano & Violin ~ A Merger of SOUNDS……



Experimenting in the  FUSION of Reggae, Soul and R&B,this young artist created  “Magical Sounds”, with the help of his little brother, Gary Dockery.

Birth Name – Reo Renaldo Dockery

Birthplace – Kingston, Jamaica

This young man found himself writing poems to create the soothing melodies of tones and expressions. Throughout his high school years he was scribbling down in his notebook.

Struck by the beauty of rhythms and souls, music found it’s way in the life of this young, intelligent and talented songwriter and upcoming artiste, ReoSoul. His  Passion back then lead him to start composing lyrics and sharing them with friends and families. Using his Love for old school reggae, souls and rhythm and blues genres, he began that  FUSION  of Amazing Sounds.

In 2011 he got his big break when he was discovered by Platinum Producer, Dale “Dr. Dizzle” Virgo, while on the job. Within less than a week, he had his first song produced and has been playing over the radio ever since. His first single “Struck by Love”, is a reggae-soul, genre described by many as the “new era of music ” which is intended to not only “soothe” the Hearts and Souls of many, but to also deliver “clean and clear” messages of Love and Uplifting.

ReoSoul has come with High Hopes and Expectations to Travel the World, and let his “Music Speak for ITSELF”.

So much can be said about this Awesomely Talented Artist. You must visit his Youtube Channel and learn How, Why and Where his Passion has and is taken him.

Please visit his site as most of the information here was done with his help and approval, but a blog can not give you the background, hope and dreams of this Artiste.

ReoSoul ~ youtube channel


He can also be found on twitter, facebook and other sites as well.

Kingston, Jamaica

Kingston, Jamaica (Photo credit: Wikipedia)