The Monster of the Instruments ~~ THE PIANO~~


The Haunting Sounds of the Violin, has nothing on what those Ivory Keys of a Piano can do. For not only does it take over the Soul of the Listener, but captivates them with it’s Melody and Bold Sounds. The Performer must take control and while touching those Keys, send it’s Message of Music out to US.
An in the skillful fingers of these Masters, and the Ones willing to dedicate their Lives to this Monster of MUSIC, not being able to hold and control this instrument in your arms means “you must take control” with your fingers and feet, and speak to it, ALONE!!!
I give you Alicia Keys, Yanni, InnocentMalin, Anthony “A-Major” Russell & The Piano Guys. Plus a Bonus A Piano & Violin Duo ~ Matthew Jordon & Eliza James

Piano & Violin ~ A Merger of SOUNDS……



Updates on Our First Artists

About every three months I will  try to update you ( as I Promised) of any events are things happening with the artists featured doing that time period. So here are some updates on ;

Robin Duizings,  Danielle Lowe,  Davy T. Hamilton,  and  Joao Mendes .

Robin is still proven to the world he can make Good Quality Music, with the right equipment, talent and Passion for what you enjoy. His video will prove that!

This is not Robin playing the piano. It’s his friend ( Martijn Rothbauer)  but he’s putting his other Great Talent behind the New Camera (Canon EOS 600D ) he purchased.

We played the song “In My Head” by Jason Derulo on piano about a year ago. I heard my friend play this song, and I thought you guys would like this. I also wanted to test my new camera.

Recorded, filmed, edited and uploaded in 3 hours, LOL


Edited by:  Robin Duizings

Camera:  Robin Duizings

Piano used:  Yamaha CVP-305

Camera Used:  Canon EOS 600D

Do visit his youtube channel for more on this Great Talented Young Man.

Canon EOS Kiss X5 (Canon EOS 600D) with EF-S 1...